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Membership Management Report

“Your Membership Management Report is a great resource for ideas and tools. We have already used several of the suggestions in your report”
Darla Drew Lerdal, Development Coordinator, Dahl Art Center (Rapid City, SD)

The monthly idea source for professionals who are looking for better ways to recruit, retain and serve their members.

Each issue of The Membership Management Report covers topics including:

  • Member recruitment ideas
  • Examples of member publications
  • Member renewal procedures
  • Evaluating member programs
  • Examples of member benefits
  • Member recognition ideas
  • Time management topics
  • Membership trends
  • Database, records management topics
  • Member website ideas, examples
  • Member campaign strategies
  • Member service ideas
  • Event planning procedures
  • Managing member chapters, clubs
  • Communications, publication ideas
  • Member and volunteer motivation ideas
  • Member policies and procedures
  • Member retention strategies
  • Membership software reviews
  • And much, much more.

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Learn proven techniques to attract and retain more members
  2. Identify new and better ways of serving your members
  3. Discover innovative ways to manage all of your membership programs
  4. Gain valuable insights into which membership programs work and which ones don't
  5. Best practices advice on time and resource management skills unique to membership programs

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The Membership Management Report is the only publication of its kind. Doesn’t matter whether you’re new to membership management or a 20-year veteran, this is a must-have resource for anyone who works with or manages member programs.

Each monthly issue of The Membership Management Report offers practical tips and techniques that will strengthen all aspects of membership management. You’ll be linked with thousands of professionals like yourself who are sharing their success stories directly with you.

Filled with concisely written articles, this eight-page monthly publication — delivered in electronic (PDF) format — offers practical tips and techniques that will help you grow and maintain your membership program.


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  • Meet the Editor

    Scott C. Stevenson
    Managing Editor

    Scott Stevenson’s aim for the past two decades has been to provide nonprofits and associations throughout the U.S. and Canada with “great ideas and practical solutions.”

    Stevenson is founder and president of Stevenson, Inc, an Iowa-based publishing company that established six monthly newsletters, dozens of “how-to” manuals and several online events all geared toward helping nonprofits and associations achieve success in fields such as fundraising, major gifts, volunteer management, communications management and membership management.

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