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‘Engagement Roadmaps’ Help Members Navigate
‘Cash Mobs’ Generate Member-to-Member Support
Boost Recruitment, Retention Rates With Different Membership Payment Plans
Build Attendance For After-Hours Events
Concentrate on Members’ Commonalities
Consider Graduated Membership Dues
Create a Podcast for Your Member Organization
Create and Implement A Strategic Relationship Plan
Encourage Participation With a 100 Percent Club
Four Ways to Boost Conference Attendance
Gamify Your Efforts to Increase Membership
Give Members a 30-60-90-Day Navigation Guide
How Much Is Membership Worth?
How to Break the Bad News
How to Engage Picky Would-Be Members
Implement a Call Program to Retain More Members
Keep Your Past Board Members in the Fold
Member Awards Programs Establish Membership Awards With Teeth
Members Can Turn Out Greater Media Coverage
Membership Apps: Make the Smart Decision
Offer a Multiyear Membership With Accompanying Discounts
Offer a Quick-Start Guide to Membership
Online Tool Allows Members To Post Their Own Updates
Retention Secrets Lie in Segmentation
Reviving Your Membership After a Crisis
Send Text Alerts to Your Members
Should You Offer an E-Membership?
Should You Offer Retired Membership Status?
Streamline Member Tracking for More Effective Retention
Three Keys to Success With Strategic Plans
Tips for Conducting Member Retreats
Top Five Indicators of Forward-Thinking Associations
Use Current Membership to Help Sell Value
Use Special Prizes to Help Attract Members
What Sets You Apart Will Attract Members
Why Offer a Membership Card?
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    Scott C. Stevenson
    Managing Editor

    Scott Stevenson’s aim for the past two decades has been to provide nonprofits and associations throughout the U.S. and Canada with “great ideas and practical solutions.”

    Stevenson is founder and president of Stevenson, Inc, an Iowa-based publishing company that established six monthly newsletters, dozens of “how-to” manuals and several online events all geared toward helping nonprofits and associations achieve success in fields such as fundraising, major gifts, volunteer management, communications management and membership management.

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